Patient Monitors



– High resolution 12.1″ TFT color display
– Standard configuration – ECG,Resp,SpO2,NiBP,1-Temp.HR
– Drug dose calculation & OXY CRG
– Arrhythmia detection
– 168 hrs trend
– 3 / 5 lead monitoring
– Max 10 waveforms
– Rechargeable battery
– Connectivity to BPL Medius+ Central Nursing Station software
– Optional Parameters & Configuration – 12 Lead ECG,2-Temp,2-IBP,ETCO2,
Multi gas/oxygen monitoring, Non invasive cardiac output, Thermal recorder



– High Resolution 10.4″ TFT Color Display
– Standard Configuration of ECG, Resp, Spo2, NIBP, Temp
– Drug Dose Calculation / HRV Analysis / OXY CRG
– Arrhythymia Detection
– 90 Days Trend
– 3-Lead / 5-Lead Monitoring
– Pacemaker Detection Function
– Built-in Three Channel Thermal Recorder-Optional
– Display of 8 waveforms, including 4 ECG waveforms display,
Customised Waveforms Display order



– 14.4 cm (5.7″) STN Blue LCD with backlit display
– Trend SpO2 andPulse Rate for last 24 hours (Optional dispaly)
– Compact & Portable
– Parameters Displayed
– Plethysmograph
– Signal Strength
– Numeric Value of SpO2 and Pulse Rate
– Pitch Tone Variation for different Spo2 values
– Built-in rechargeable battery


ECG/Resp,NBP,Spo2,dual IBP/Temp, Mainstream CO2.
best-in-class clinical measurements including capnography, conventional diagnostic 12-lead ECG, noninvasive and invasive blood pressure, respiration, FAST-SpO2, temperature, , and cardiac output.
• 6cm (10.4˝) color SVGA display with 3, 4 or 6** waveforms is bright and easy to read.
• Comfortable handle and rugged housing for easy portability.
• Lightweight, at only 5.8 kg (13 lbs.) including Multi-Measurement Server and one battery.
• Up to five hours battery operation* with dual lithium-ion batteries.
• Touchscreen operation makes many functions accessible through simple, one-touch commands. (Touchscreen is available on MP30 only.)
• Wired and wireless connectivity with easy switching from one mode to another.
• Navigation Point operation designed for easy information input and onscreen navigation.
• Optional integrated recorder offers convenient documentation whenever it’s needed.
Patient monitors…multipara…spo2,pulse ox, etc 

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