Radiology Complete Solutions

xray films, ct, mammography films are available in all sizes and in blue or green base

xray machines
100 ma high frequency portable x ray units price 2-2.5 lakhs inr
300 ma- 600 ma high frequency x ray machines 5-10 lakhs inr
300-600 ma fully digital x ray machines price 20-40 lakhs inr
Digital film converter devices which make your old x ray unit into a digital one price 14-16 lakhs

usg’s usg paper rolls available for thermal printers also
x ray cassets
x ray,hangers…
x ray developer ,
x ray fixer
usg machines:–portable digiatal unit price 4-5 lakhs inr…
colour Doppler unit 3d or 4 d price 20-40 lakhs inr(risk yours)

ct/mri/mammography/c arm
ct scan units both brand new and refurbished are available:
single slice to 16 slice for brand new units
single and double slice for refurbished units

mri both brand new and refurbished available:-
brand new 0.2-1.5 tesla(both permanent and supercon magnet available)
refurbished units 0.2-0.5 tesla permanent magnet units

c-arm units:-
9 inch high frequency with memory c arm units available

There are many brands and due to the sensitivity of requirement and keeping the highly specialized needs of the consumer in mind exact details like brand,price and full specification with terms and conditions will be made available to interested clients after request for a detailed quote

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