About Us


To provide highest quality of services and products at the right price keeping the clients need and requirements as our prime focus and never compromising on ethics or values.






Team PanMedi

Our team consists of a doctor Dr. Amarendra Pandey, a hospital management expert Mrs. Ritika Pandey, an I.I. solutions provider for quicker processing Mr. Kaustubh Verma, a logistics expert with a set-up of his own Mr. Yusuf Soni. Hence we have the perfect and a very balanced blend of professionals working to provide you a complete solution for your health care needs from every aspect.





Our U.S.P.

Our team consists of a group of highly specialised healthcare professionals who are actively engaged in running various set-ups and projects and hence are not only up to date with the latest trends but also well acquainted with the needs of a health care set-up.

Since India is one of the fastest developing markets in healthcare where a great blend of international brands alongside fast emerging indian companies can be seen, we believe that we can provide our client best health care solutions at the right and fair price taking advantage of our expertise and location so that the health care sector gets quality assurance and peace of mind.